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Wednesday 24/06/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Rudi Coxhead 74/80 2nd John Swire & Mark Houlding 72 3rd John Roden 69 Eeeh it were ‘ot!! Great shooting by our winners on a lovely night, missing a San Miguel in the Dolphin after but not long now hopefully🍺🍺🍺

Sunday 21/06/20 80 Sporting Paul Coxhead 71 John Roden & Keith Platt 69 Rudi Coxhead & Andy Murray 67 ABT Mick Nowell 25/25 Mark Shaw 23/25 Ian Shaw & Paul Titterington 21/25 DTL Mick Nowell & Steve Fiddler 73/75 Jack Johnson 72/75 Fairly breezy but thankfully not too much rain! As for PC winning Sporting, we’ll never hear the last...

Wednesday 17/06/20 Results 80 Sporting – Rudi Coxhead and John Swire 71/80 Phil Coxhead 68/80 I think we can say that we got away with it weather wise,! No rain, thunder or lightning! Phew!! Hope everyone enjoyed the shoot, regards Max

80 Sporting 1st – Drew Wilson 73/80 2nd- Rudi Coxhead 72/80 3rd – John Roden and Steve Rimmer 68/80 ABT Comp 1st Mark Shaw Steve Fiddler 25/25 2nd Paul Titterington 23/25 Special mention to Dudley Coward who having just turned 80 also managed a 25 straight at ABT but unfortunately didn’t enter the comp. Anyway, happy birthday and well shot...

Wednesday 10/6/20 Results Sporting – Dave Waddington /Paul Coxhead /Mark Houlding 68. Joe Wilcock 66. Dan Rimmer 64. Abt Mark Shaw 25/25. Dtl Keith Bond 73/75. Great conditions for shooting – no wind no rain no pesky sunshine ☀ If you’re hoping to book in for Sunday slots filling up fast.

Sunday 7/6/20 Results 80 Sporting Phil Coxhead 71/80 John Roden 69/80 Dave Waddington 64/80 25 ABT Mark Shaw 25/25 Ollie Collins 25/25 Paul Titterington 23/25 Steve Fiddler 23/25 25 DTL Ollie Collins 74/75 Steve Fiddler 70/75 Bob Singleton 62/75 Great day for shooting after the high winds of Friday and Saturday. Bookings now being taken for Wednesday!

From Sunday we will be introducing an optional cash competition on ABT and DTL. Cost per 25 bird round will be £10, £3 per entry to the prize fund. Payout will be over the first 3 places. Funds will be split in the event of a tie. Also a reminder to call and book in for Sunday if you want...

Wednesday 3/6/20 Results Sporting Dave Waddington 72. John Roden 69. Phil Coxhead 67. Abt Jack Halsall /Ollie Collins /Rob Collins 23/25. Dtl Rob Collins 73/75. Great night for shooting not too sunny!!!!

Sunday 31/05/20 Results Sporting – 1st John Turner again (the man’s on fire) 76/80. 2nd Steve Byrne Jnr 70/80. 3 Rd Joe Wilcock 69/80. Abt – Steve Fiddler 24/25. Dtl – Paul Titterington 75/75. Well done lads. Great shoot on a scorcher!!!! Happy birthday to JT – 71 today!!!! 🎉