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Wednesday 26/08/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Sam Steward 76 2nd Mick Norwell & Dave Waddington 70 3rd Danny Woods, John Roden & Phil Taylor 69 Well that’s it for Wednesday evening shoots in 2020, massive thanks to everyone who has supported us, we hope you all enjoyed yourselves!

Sunday 23/8/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Drew Wilson 71 2nd Phil Taylor/ Brian Drittler 67 3rd Guy Watson/ Rob Collins 66 ABT Dudley Coward 23 DTL Bob Singleton Snr 70/75 Weather not too bad but a great turnout nonetheless!

Wednesday 19/8/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Sam Steward 73 2nd Mark Houlding 68 3rd Dave Waddington / Michael Beardsworth 67. DTL- Steve Fiddler 73/75. Well shot to our winners and don’t forget, next Wednesday is the last one this year.

Sunday 16/08/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Brian Drittler 73 2nd Steve Byrne Jnr 72 3rd Guy Watson & Phil Taylor 71 Special mention to Sam Boyers who got his personal best of 70, well shot Sam. ABT – Paul James 20/25 DTL – Keith Bond 68/75. Weather better than forecast but the strong east wind making the trap disciplines tricky!

Wednesday 12/8/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Rudi Coxhead 75/80 2nd Dave Waddington & John Roden 70 3rd Danny Woods 69 Hot and sticky night (just how I like my puddings, with ice cream come to think of it!😁) John Roden has vowed To “kick Rudi’s arse” when he gets back of holiday, watch this space!

Sunday 9/8/20 Results 80 Sporting John Roden and Stuart Flynn 66 Simon Darwin, Keith Platt and Paul Coxhead 65 Dan Rimmer 64 ABT Paul James 24/25 DTL Steve Fiddler 68/75 Great turnout today, close at the top on sporting and an excellent 24 by Paul on ABT.

Sunday 2/8/20 results 80 Sporting 1st Rudi Coxhead 74 2nd Joe Wilcock 69 3rd John Roden, Dan Rimmer, Steve Byrne Jnr and Brian Drittler 65 ABT – Steve Fiddler 24/25 DTL – Bob Singleton & Steve Fiddler 72/75 Bright and breezy again but we’ll settle for that, great turnout so thanks to everyone for your continued support!

Wednesday 29/07/20 results 80 Sporting 1st Rudi Coxhead 73 2nd John Roden 72 3rd Phil Coxhead and Paul Coxhead 68. Perfect shooting conditions with John Roden the only fly in the ointment for a Coxhead clean sweep!

Sunday 26/7/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Brian Drittler 70 2nd Keith Platt 69 3rd Rudi Coxhead 68 ABT – Will Marsh 24/25 DTL – Bob Singleton 73/75. Bright and breezy again, but at least it was dry. I thought I had made the Sporting a little easier but there was a couple of tricky ones still. Very close but Brian...

Wednesday 22nd July Results 80 Sporting 1st John Swire 73 2nd Phil “the power” Taylor 70 3rd Rudi Coxhead 69 Thankfully no rain during the shoot, just on me and Hattie setting up!🙄 Few tricky ones on but a great score from John taking the win