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Sunday 19/7/20 Results 80 Sporting Steve Byrne Snr and Phil Taylor 70 Guy Watson 69 John Roden 68 ABT – Dudley Coward & Jack Johnson 22/25 DTL – Keith Bond 75/75 Nice bright day but a cool brisk breeze out on Longton Marsh! Well shot Keith bond,not many 25 straights shot on our DTL!

Wednesday 15/07/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Phil Taylor 73 2nd Sam Steward 72 3rd John Roden 67 Just about held off rain but pretty breezy and a few testing targets so very good scores from our winners. Suns out for Sunday though!🙂

Sunday 12/07/20 80 Sporting Rudi Coxhead 71 Drew Wilson 68 John Roden & Joe Wilcock 65 ABT – Dudley Coward 23 DTL – Bob Singleton 73/75 At last! A nice day for shooting woohoo! Wednesday doesn’t look bad either 🙂🙂

Sunday 5/7/20 Results. 80 Sporting Rudi Coxhead 65 John Roden & Steve Rimmer 61 Keith Platt & Joe Wilcock 60 DTL Steve Fiddler 67/75 ABT Steve Fiddler 22/25 Blooming windy again! Conditions keeping the scores out of the 70’s today but at least it calms down for Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who turned out on such a wild day, its...

Wednesday 01/07/20 80 Sporting 1st Sam Steward 75 2nd John Swire 74 3rd John Roden 73 Perfect night for shooting, very close at the top but Sam just doing enough to pip John S and John R.

Sunday 28/06/20 80 Sporting Rudi Coxhead 63 Stuart Flynn & Phil Taylor 60 ABT – Dudley Coward / Steve Fiddler 20/25 DTL – Steve Fiddler 67/75 Thankfully the rain held off for most of the shoot but the high winds curtailing the scores a bit in all disciplins. Looks much better for Wednesday though🙂

Wednesday 24/06/20 Results 80 Sporting 1st Rudi Coxhead 74/80 2nd John Swire & Mark Houlding 72 3rd John Roden 69 Eeeh it were ‘ot!! Great shooting by our winners on a lovely night, missing a San Miguel in the Dolphin after but not long now hopefully🍺🍺🍺

Sunday 21/06/20 80 Sporting Paul Coxhead 71 John Roden & Keith Platt 69 Rudi Coxhead & Andy Murray 67 ABT Mick Nowell 25/25 Mark Shaw 23/25 Ian Shaw & Paul Titterington 21/25 DTL Mick Nowell & Steve Fiddler 73/75 Jack Johnson 72/75 Fairly breezy but thankfully not too much rain! As for PC winning Sporting, we’ll never hear the last...

Wednesday 17/06/20 Results 80 Sporting – Rudi Coxhead and John Swire 71/80 Phil Coxhead 68/80 I think we can say that we got away with it weather wise,! No rain, thunder or lightning! Phew!! Hope everyone enjoyed the shoot, regards Max

80 Sporting 1st – Drew Wilson 73/80 2nd- Rudi Coxhead 72/80 3rd – John Roden and Steve Rimmer 68/80 ABT Comp 1st Mark Shaw Steve Fiddler 25/25 2nd Paul Titterington 23/25 Special mention to Dudley Coward who having just turned 80 also managed a 25 straight at ABT but unfortunately didn’t enter the comp. Anyway, happy birthday and well shot...