Sunday 28/09/14 Results

Sporting – Rudi Coxhead ( 28 ex 30 )          Semi Auto Challenge – Oliver Steele ( 26 ex 30 )           ABT Pool – Drew Wilson                       DTL Pool – Drew Wilson

Sunday 21/09/14 Results

Sporting – Hughie Gregson/Paul Moss ( 28 ex 30 )                                    ABT Pool – Ian Peel                     DTL Pool – Drew Wilson

Summer Series 2014 Pictures

Rob Ardron C class 3rd                                                     Olly Steele, C class 2nd Keith Platt C class 1st                                                         and again, with trophy!! Paul Moss A class 3rd                                                        Jason Coxhead A class 1st Drew Wilson AA class 3rd                                                Mick Nowell AA class 1st – AKA the Winner!! Richard Snaylam  B class 1st                                            Dave Waddington A Read more…

Sunday 14/9/14 Results

“Bagpipe Bob’s” Memorial Trophy Winner – Ian Walsh ( 28 ex 30 )                     ABT Pool – Barry Fishwick               DTL Pool – Drew Wilson  


SUMMER SERIES WINNERS 2014   AA CLASS                                                     B CLASS 1ST MICK NOWELL                                    1ST RICHARD SNAYLAM 2ND RUDI COXHEAD                                2ND STEVE BYRNE 3RD DREW WILSON                                  3RD STEVE DAVIES   A CLASS                                                            C CLASS 1ST JASON COXHEAD                                     1ST KEITH PLATT 2ND DAVE WADDINGTON                             2ND  OLIVER STEELE 3RD PAUL MOSS                                          Read more…

Sunday 07/09/14 Results

Sporting – Austin Coxhead ( 47 ex 50 )                      ABT Pool – Dave Wright                        DTL Pool – Will Marsh