Sunday 30/5/21 Results

Sunday 30/5/21 80 Sporting 1st Rudi Coxhead 69 2nd John Roden 68 3rd Brian Drittler 67 ABT – Roy McGovern 24/25 DTL – Simon Berrell 70/75 Fantastic weather for shooting and a few long birds on the Sporting course making things a little challenging for a change 😀

Wednesday 26/2/21 Results

Wednesday 26/5/21 Results 80 Sporting 1st Sam Steward 75 2nd Ross Holmes 73 3rd John Roden 69 ABT Steve Fiddler and Mark Shaw 18/25 (twas a bit sunny 🌞) Lovely night, especially later when the wind dropped. Great turnout, thanks for the continued support its much appreciated.

Sunday 23/5/21 Results

Sunday 23/5/21 Results 80 Sporting 1st Rudi Coxhead 70 2nd Brian Drittler 69 3rd George Sutton 66 ABT- Barry Fishwick 22 DTL – Simon Berrell 70 Deceptively windy today making things tougher than they might of been, 70 definitely a good score on the day, hope the weather bucks up Read more…

Wednesday 19/5/21 Results

Wednesday 19/5/21 Results 80 Sporting 1st Phil Rogerson 75 2nd John Roden 74 3rd Rudi Coxhead 72 Some big scores last night which is very consistent shooting over the 10 stands. Nice and sunny but cool later but at least we can go in the pub now 😀 😉

Sunday 16/5/21 Results

Sunday 16/5/21 80 Sporting 1st John Roden 72 2nd Rudi Coxhead, Paul Coxhead & Mark Houlding 71 3rd Dan Rimmer 70 ABT – Mick Nowell 23/25 DTL – Keith Bond 75/75 Lovely Weather and a great turnout for sporting and trap disciplines, hope you all enjoyed the shoot.

Wednesday 12/5/21 Results

Woops, forgot Wednesday’s results! 80 Sporting 1st Phil Taylor 71 2nd Rudi Coxhead 69 3rd Matt Lathom 68 Great night for shooting and a few very testing targets making Phils score excellent on the night, very well shot.

Sunday 9/5/21 Results

Sunday 9/05/21 Results 80 Sporting 1st Paul Coxhead 72 2nd John Roden 69 3rd Steve Byrne Jnr 66 ABT – Mick Nowell and Paul Titterington 22/25 DTL – Gary Mooney 73/75 Nice day again and a few tricky clays to test the best shots. Very pleased to see Mr Coxhead Read more…

Wednesday 5/5/21 Results

Wednesday 5/5/21 Results 80 Sporting 1st Jake Bowling 72 2nd John Roden 71 3rd Ross Holmes & Rudi Coxhead 70 A few tough birds on last night but still great scores by our winners in the Arctic conditions! Thanks again for the continued support, hope you all enjoyed the shoot!