Boxing Day 2022 Results

80 Sporting

1st Ross Holmes 75
2nd Steve Byrne Jnr 72
3rd Jason Coxhead, & Graham Stirzaker 71

ABT – Danny Woods 21/25
DTL – Steve Fiddler 73/75

A bracing day to say the least with strong winds and hail showers thrown in for good measure! Again though some great scores by our winners with Ross taking the win on a brilliant 75 to get his name on dads trophy for 2022.. our next shoot is on New years day, yes I know but its a Sunday! So make sure you don’t have too much to drink and in bed just after midnight so you’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to bust some clays😁😁😁

Here a picture of me and Ross , I’m the scruffy one on the left!

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