Sporting – Simon Coakley (28 ex 30)

ABT Pool – Danny Woods       DTL Winter Series – Steve Fiddler (148 ex 150)

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A class CLARKY · 4 February 2013 at 6:38 pm

the 5th leg of the DTL so testing conditions for those who dared to step on the peg. new to the DTL scene A-class CLARKY had a mare with a 114 (thats not even C class) but he was brave enougth to av another do n posted a more respectable 141 (ENGLAND dave or DAY-TIME dave WADDINGTON – who by the way has shot DTL for ENDLAND did a 140) . well done to STE-show-us-the money-FIDDLER who put in a superb score. DANNY & LOVER BOY james couldnt last the pace n were out-gunned by the “old-boys”. well done to danny in the ABT though. im confident that my score should be good enough to secure the Bclass r-up spot. im on 561 with 1 to shoot left. i have to better 138 to improve my 561 – thats as good as in the bag. TOPGUN

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