Sunday 10/3/24 Results

80 Sporting
1st Brett Winstanly 77
2nd Brian Drittler 72
3rd Phil Coxhead 67

Ladies – Holly Coxhead 49

ABT – Ian Shaw & Mark Shaw 25/25

Not the best day with a strong east wind and a few showers. Great score from Brett to win the Sporting and also a dad and lad perfect 25 straight in the ABT from Ian and Mark.
The results from the final of the Winter Series ABT are below, Steve Fiddler emerging as top gun after a shoot off with Bob Singleton Snr.
Thanks to all who took part and supported the event, hope you all enjoyed it.

Winter Series ABT Results

A Class
1st Steve Fiddler
2nd Bob Singleton Snr
3rd Drew Wilson

B Class

1st Barry Fishwick
2nd Mick Nowell

C Class

1st Will Marsh
2nd Harry Twist
3rd Callum Sherrington

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