Post Holiday mega results round up!!

Sunday 28/10/18

Sporting – George Sutton 28 /30

ABT – Paul Titterington

DTL – Harry Twist

Sunday 4/11/18

Sporting – Rudi Coxhead 29 /30

ABT Winter Series – Darren Newton and Bob Singleton 25/25

DTL – Harry Twist

Sunday 11/11/18

Sporting – George Sutton 28 /30

ABT and DTL – Mick Nowell

Some great results in the above, notably two wins for George Sutton, two 25 straights on ABT for Darren and Bob, a 29 for Rudi and trap double for Mick Nowell!

Don’t forget DTL Winter Series this Sunday.

Thanks to all who helped keep things going whilst we were living it up on hols!

Cheers Max.

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