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ACC · 16 April 2013 at 7:43 pm

the USA have shifted their attention from N – KOREA to N. – ENGLAND as their are certain individuals at a certain clay pigeon club stock piling WCD (weapons of clay destruction). as we know OLIVER and his ARMOURY are keeping BAMFORDS in business but he has an accomplice CAROL . well done to ROB who held his nerve n won the DTL final knocking the “chancers” of the peg n collecting the ££££. ACC once again in the final didnt have the WOWCHA and was truely out-classed by the other finalist.

ACC · 16 April 2013 at 8:28 pm

CAROL was seen leaving MALMOS with yet another shooter a KREIGHOFF,, – she is slowly going through the alphabet of gun makers in the vain attempt to do a 300/300. the FBI have been following CAROL for quite a while now and they were shocked when they found themselves in MONGOLIA….. CAROL was here on a DTL exchange visit (or was she ??!!) here she dawned traditional MONGOLIAN costume including a YAK hat to blend in with the locals. she won the competion and came home via Bradford airport , through the Nothing To Declare route still proudly wearing her YAK hat. the FBI believe that this item contains a powerful stimulant , thought to be the juice of the male goat, that secretes its magical powers into the scalp of the wearer who then goes into a SHAMEN like trance who is then totally focused on the destruction of 100 clays…. – well thats what they say.

ACC · 16 April 2013 at 8:43 pm

the recent charity shoot held on 16/03/13 raised £550 for DERAIAN-HOUSE. many thanks to all who attended. the cheque was presented to D-H 11/04/13. the XMAS charity shoot raised £900 for BABY-BEAT , a further £500 was donated by RBS makeing £1400. this was presented to MARK LAWRENCE @ PNE on 09/04/13. once again thanks to all who attended and supported the event.
ACC sells clay ammo at £155 – ELEY OLYMPICS, KENTS, PRIMA. ammo is going up in MAY 2013 so order now and save some ££££££…

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