Sunday 15/09/19 Results

30 Sporting and Bagpipe Bob Memorial Trophy Winner 2019 – George Sutton 29/30

9 Years since our friend “Bagpipe” Bob Burdess passed away, and we still miss him. RIP Bob.

50 Sporting – Dave Waddington 40/50

Summer Series Trap – Danny Woods 28/30

Summer Series Trap Final

1st – Danny Woods 103/120 (after shoot off)
2nd – Bob Singleton 103/120
3rd – Dave Waddington 101/120
4th – Dudley Coward 99/120
5th – Mark Houlding 99/120

Fantastic shooting by George to achieve a 29/30 on a very challenging layout. Unfortunate to miss his last clay and miss out on 30 straight!! Always next week George!

Massive well done to Danny on taking not only the High gun on Sunday but also the overall Series, very well shot pal!!

Here’s some pics of the winners

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