Sunday 17/12/23 Results

80 Sporting

1st Rudi Coxhead 71
2nd Keith Platt, Matt Latham & Phil Rimmer 70
3rd Ben Yates 69

Side by side Jack Johnson 63

ABT – Anthony Paley 22/25
DTL – Richard McKay 67/75

Great turnout for our Christmas 🎄 Shoot, weather was kind to us too. Very close at the top for the Sporting with Rudi just pipping it and 3 tied for the other prizes. There were £25 gift vouchers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd plus some bottles. Rather than do shoot offs next week, we have decided to give each of the tied people £20 each, so that money is waiting for you next time you come, hope everyone’s happy with that!
Well done to Jack too on winning the side by side comp with a gun he bought the day before for £50!! Fantastic 👏 👏

Reminder that our next shoot is on Christmas eve, Sunday 24/12 and the we are also open for our traditional Boxing day Shoot too.
Hope to see you all then! Regards Max

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