Sporting – Mick Nowell (26 ex 30)           ABT Pool – Ian Walsh        DTL Pool – Andrew Wilson

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A class CLARKY · 18 February 2013 at 9:03 pm

EURYTHMICS sang about “thorn in my side” – DREW is that thorn but is also becomming a “pain in the arse” . the magnificent 7, – local men of sound stock, physique, good looks and charm gathered around the cabin to “lock horns” in the DTL final. the chaps who hadnt done a “10 IN-THE-DEN” looked on with envy burning in there eyes. they would have gladly given there sunday roast dinner to be rubbing shoulders with the 7. ACC was feeling confident, the line-up was good but he know he could give them all a good run for the £££. all was going well for ACC ; pull = kill, pull = kill and then pull = MISS ??!! the groupies cheered, ACC was shocked. his last 2 birds were now a formality but they disappeared into dust. DREW and “day-time-X england-dave” met in the super final (they had already split the dosh) and then gave the crowd a display in what would have made even a pakistan cricketer blush. – WELL DONE TO BOTH OF THEM, remember lads i will cross the line before you lot do. i appreciate you all and enjoy shooting with the lot of you. dont take offence in my mannerism im only tying to phase you out.

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