Sporting – Clarky ( 27 ex 30 )             ABT Pool –  Ian Walsh            DTL Pool – Dave Wright

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CLARKY · 21 May 2013 at 7:57 pm

ACC (A-Class-Clarky) continues his fabulous winning streak with his 4th back-to-back sporting top score (27, 25 joint, 26 joint , 27) this is a DCTC Fish record; = SIMPLY THE BEST. all this with a gun that ACC only borrowed from MALMOS 2 weeks ago. rest assured folks i have returned the gun and will have to borrow one for the comming weeks until i find the “real-deal”.
ACC ammo deals – Eley Olympics / Kent Velocity. Plastic 7.5 28g = £155 like me these are a amazing deal.
also 4sale – Miroku MK38 Grade 6 . 2010. external teague chokes. one of only 250 made. very light useage rrp £3250 bargain at £2300…

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