Sunday 27/11/22

80 Sporting

1st Phil Coxhead 73
2nd Phil Taylor 72
3rd Brian Drittler 71

Ladies – Lavinia Gilston 64

ABT – Jason Foster 23/25
DTL Winter series – Bob Singleton Snr 74/75

Great day for shooting, no wind or rain, yay!!
Phil Coxhead must of had his weetabix yesterday, great scores from our top 3 just a clay separating each of them.

Reminder that Next week is our Christmas shoot with £25 voucher prizes for Woods Farm shop to third place in Sporting plus our annual side by side comp winner. We also have vouchers on DTL and ABT, all for birds only prices, only £8 for the trap and £25 for the Sporting. And if your not the best shot, don’t worry as every entry gets put into a raffle for a voucher too!

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