Sunday 31/12/23 Results

80 Sporting
1st Ben Yates and Phil Rimmer 70,
2nd Jason Coxhead & John Roden 67
3rd Phil Taylor & Callum Sherrington 66.

Ladies – Holly Coxhead 49

ABT – Mark Shaw 24/25
DTL – Bob Singleton Snr 67/75

The day started off pleasant enough for a change but unfortunately it all went pear shaped later for us late shooters.🤨
Not an easy shoot today, especially the tower birds with were being pushed on by the wind a bit. Great scores by Ben and Phil to take the win with a gaggle of shooters hot on their heals! Anyway, that is a wrap on 2023, thanks to everyone who has supported us this year, its really appreciated. A sad year in the respect that we lost two of our regular shooters, George Sutton and Steve Byrne Snr, rest in piece fellas. For the rest of you, have a great new years eve and we’ll see you all in 2024! All the best Max and Elaine

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