Wednesday 24/05/17 Results

Wednesdays winners 30 Sporting – Sam Fitzgerald 27/30 50 Sporting – Guy Watson 40/50 ABT – Paul Titterington DTL – Gary Mooney Another lovely evening, but no podium for Drew Wilson this time!

Sunday 21/05/17 Results

Sundays Winners Sporting – Drew Wilson. 28/30 Summer Series Trap – Dave Waddington 26 /30 Beer Flush – Dave Waddington and Mick Nowel 28/32. The good weather and Drews form continue!

Wednesday 17/5/17 Results

Wednesdays winners Sporting – Drew Wilson 29/30 ABT – Rob Collins DTL – Keith Bond Drew nearly had another 30/30, just goes to show that I make it too easy! Mega busy again so I will put an extra stand on next week to try and alleviate the queues

Sunday 14/5/17 Results

Today’s winners Sporting – Steve Rimmer, Rudi Coxhead and Brian Drittler 27/30 ABT – Rudi Coxhead DTL – Hughie Gregson Bright and blustery but good scores non the less!

Wednesday 3/5/17 Results

Wednesday’s winner’s Sporting – Well who knew that when Drew the Drewster Wilson ambled along to the Dolphin Clay Target Centre last night, grin on face complete with 1000 yard stare that he would achieve the magical 30/30 at English Sporting! Not me for sure!😛 Anyway I would like to Read more…