Sunday 28/07/19 Results

Sunday 28/07/19 Results. 30 Sporting- Jo Wilcock 28/30 Closely followed by John Roden on 27/30!! Nip and tuck between these two at the moment!! 50 Sporting- Mark Houlding 46/50 ABT and DTL- Danny Woods. (I think he was the only one to enter but am sure he would of done Read more…

Wednesday 24/7/19 Results

Wednesday 24/7/19 Results 30 Sporting – John Roden 30/30 closely followed by his pal Joe Wilcock on 29/30. Both great scores on what was a challenging layout. 50 Sporting – Will Rimmer and Stuart Flynn 42/50, DTL- Craig Roughly and John Roden ABT – Darren Newton John and Jo must Read more…

Sunday 21/7/19 Results

Sunday 21/07/19 Results 30 Sporting- Drew Wilson 29/30 50 Sporting- Will Rimmer 41/50 Summer Series trap- Steve Fiddler 26/30. Must of been an easy peasy Sporting set up because Drew got 29/30!!😁 Well shot Drew, Will and Steve!

Wednesday 17/07/19 Results

Wednesday 17/09/19 Results 30 Sporting- Michael 28 Beardsworth with……28/30 50 Sporting – Will Rimmer with 41/50 ABT – Mark Houlding DTL – Darren Newton Lucky with the weather, not half as bad as forecast, thanks to all who took the chance!

Sunday 14/07/19 Results

Sunday 14/07/19 Results 30 Sporting- Drew Wilson & Steve Byrne Jnr 26/30 50 Sporting- Mark Houlding 44/50 ABT- Steve Rimmer & Danny Woods DTL- Mark Houlding after shoot off with Barry Fishwick and Ian Farnsworth. Another nice day with a great turnout, hope everyone enjoyed the shoot

Wednesday 10/07/19 Results

Wednesday 10/07/19 Results 30 Sporting- Drew Wilson 28/30 50 Sporting- Will Rimmer 42/50 ABT- Ollie Collins DTL- Keith Bond Great night for it, and good scores on the Sporting despite it being a tough layout.

Sunday 07/07/19 Results

Sunday 07/07/19 Results Summer Series Sporting 1st – Mark Houlding 46/50, 2nd – Rudi Coxhead 45/50 3rd – Mick Nowell and Drew Wilson 44/50 ABT Pool – Darren Newton after shoot off with Bob Singleton, Danny Woods, Dudley Coward, and Dave Waddington. DTL Pool – Bob Singleton after shoot off Read more…