Wednesday 28/08/19 Results

Wednesday 28/08/19 Results 30 Sporting – John Roden 30/30 50 Sporting – Mark Houlding and John Roberts 44/50 ABT and DTL – Ian Farnworth Great way to finish the Wednesday evenings for 2019 with John Rodens 30 straight, only the second of the year so far, the other also by Read more…

Sunday 25/8/19 Results

Sunday 25/08/19 30 Sporting – Phil “the power” Taylor 26/30 50 Sporting – Danny “the sausage” Woods 44/50 ABT – Darren Newton DTL – Ian Farnworth Glorious day, we’ll have some more of that please! Reminder that this Wednesday is the last one for this year.

Wednesday 21/08/19 Results

Oops, late news… Wednesday 21/08/19 Results 30 Sporting – Michael 28 Beardsworth…28/30 (normal service resumed!!) 50 Sporting – Mark Houlding 44/50 ( flash in the pan 😁😁) ABT Mark Houlding DTL – Ian Farnworth Next Wednesday is the last one this year, thanks Max

Sunday 18/08/19 Results

Sunday 18/8/19 Results 30 Sporting – Steve Rimmer, Drew Wilson and Brian Drittler 25/30. 50 Sporting – Mick Nowell 43/50 Summer Series Trap – Steve Fiddler 28/30. Some great scores on both Sporting and trap in the windy conditions, well shot!

Wednesday 14/8/19 Results

Wednesday 14/8/19 Results 30 Sporting – Michael “28” Beardsworth who got….29!! 50 Sporting – Mark Houlding 45/50 ABT – Rob Collins DTL – Ian Farnworth Great scores by Michael and Mark on the Sporting and well done to Ian and Rob for winning the trap disciplins in the failing light.

Sunday 11/08/19 Results

Sunday 11/8/19 Results 30 Sporting- John Roden 28/30 50 Sporting- Guy Watson 41/50 ABT- Rob Collins DTL- Steve Fiddler Bit blustery but mainly dry, good score from John on a testing course

Wednesday 7/8/19 Results

Wednesday 07/08/19 Results 30 Sporting Michael Beardsworth, Drew Wilson and Phil Taylor 27/30. 50 Sporting – Stuart Flynn 39/50 ABT – Danny Woods DTL – Ian Farnsworth. Windy and Sunny, not the best conditions but plenty of people with great scores nevertheless !

Sunday 4/8/19 Results

Sunday 4/8/19 Results Summer Series Sporting – John Roden and Rudi Coxhead 45/50 ABT- Darren Newton after shoot off with Ian Farnsworth. DTL- Steve Fiddler after an epic 5 way shoot off Settled eventually on “miss and out” Nice weather and a great turnout, hope you all enjoyed the shoot.