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Sporting – Mick Nowell  ( 27 ex 30 )                           ABT Pool – Danny Woods                         DTL Pool – Jack Halsall

2 thoughts on “Sunday 13/04/14 Results

  1. Sian Davies says:


    I’m really interested in rifle shooting and for some reason your website isn’t completely loading so I cannot see whether you do this or not, if you do, how much would it cost and would I have to have a minim number of people interested as it’s only me at the moment.

    Sian Davies

    • Max says:

      Hi Sian
      You are welcome to come along any Sunday morning between 11am and 12.30pm or Wednesday evening between 7.30pm and 8.30pm and you can have a lesson on the training stand. It costs £20 all inc. It can get busy on a nice day so if youd ring us the night before just so we have an idea how many trainers we will have (01772 611038).
      Kind Regards

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