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This year the honor of winning the much coveted and hotly contested, (so much so that George had 2 rounds on a 50 bird course!!) Dolphin Clay Target Centre Side by Side Trophy,  was shared between

George Sutton and Ian “A class” Clark, well shot fellas

3 thoughts on “Side By Side Trophy

  1. A class CLARKY says:

    in regards to the SxS trophy me and george sutton are the best SxS shots in the WORLD as our names adorn it like MUFC and CHELSEA adorn the prem. together we have won it 7 times.
    glad to see big george sutton up n about after his spell with our NHS staff.

  2. Max says:

    You might be the best “self proclaimed” sbs shooter in the world but I think you need to go back to school for spelling and grammar!
    luv Max.

    • A class CLARKY says:

      wat du u no bout it u cant shoot a SxS me n GS r de best -in-class – read em n weep, the trophy is alllllways gonna be me n TOP-MAN GS….

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