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Sporting – Andrew Wilson (27 ex 30)

ABT Pool – Steve Fiddler       DTL Pool – Andrew Wilson

One thought on “Sunday 10/02/13 Winners

  1. A class CLARKY says:

    “10 in the den” rang out again on the North West Marsh land shooting club. on a bleak, rugged, cold, desolate day A-class only needed 1 line to reach the final (again). joining him were “show-me-the £££” SF / JB and DREW. DREW feeling the pressure called upon the ALMIGHTY to give him divine guidence during the final and his prayers were answered as a spell was cast on A-class. DREW narrowly beat ACC and then beat a hasty retreat clutching the £££. in arnold schwazanigger language ACC declared “i will be back”, – congrats to DREW.

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