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Sporting –  Simon Coakley (29 ex 30)

ABT Pool – James Blackett     DTL – Ian Clarke

One thought on “Sunday 20/01/13 Winners

  1. A class CLARKY says:

    for years i didnt think much or bother with DTL as i regarded it as a bore n “easy” – im now hooked on it n i can allmost shoot with the best-of-em..” 10 IN THE DEN” will be a popular cry from A-class CLARKY so beware. winter series has been fun and as allways MAX n staff do a good job on shoot days. watch out DTL ers coz CLARKYS after YOU nyour money and i dont take drachmas or scottish currency.. PS – charity shoot on 16/03/13 for DERIAN HOUSE £40 inc meal in pub. 100 bird 4 man flush + 70 sporting.

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