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Sporting – Clarky/Austin Coxhead/Mick Nowell ( 26 ex 30 )

ABT Pool – Mark Houlding            DTL Pool – James Blackett ( Sorry James!!!!!)

One thought on “Wednesday 15/5/13 Results

  1. CLARKY says:

    CLARKY completes a hatrick of sporting top scores. useing 2 different and strange mirokus ACC blows the opposition away. SIMPLES – thats why im A-class.. the recent fine weather has seen CAROL pack away her MONGOLIAN YAK hat and has replaced it by a “our-kid” manchester hat complete with all her girl-guide badges. FIREWORK mark houlding has recently been snapped up by TWIX – “the longer lasting snack” in a multi pence sponsorship deal. mark said he was f******g happy about it and would pull all his s*** and bo**oc** out to promote shooting. mean while oxford grad OLIVER is unable to hit anything with any of his armoury.

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