SS2014 001 SS2014 002

Rob Ardron C class 3rd                                                     Olly Steele, C class 2nd

SS2014 003 SS2014 004

Keith Platt C class 1st                                                         and again, with trophy!!

SS2014 005 SS2014 006

Paul Moss A class 3rd                                                        Jason Coxhead A class 1st

SS2014 007 SS2014 008

Drew Wilson AA class 3rd                                                Mick Nowell AA class 1st – AKA the Winner!!

SS2014 009 SS2014 010

Richard Snaylam  B class 1st                                            Dave Waddington A class 2nd

SS2014 011

Rudi Coxhead, AA 2nd



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