Sunday 10/12/23 Results

80 Sporting

1st Rudi Coxhead 70
2nd Callum Sherrington 69
3rd Dan Rimmer 67

ABT WINTER SERIES – Steve Fiddler 24/25
DTL – Ross Holmes 66/75

Long Bird Challenge

1st Ross Holmes & Phil Rimmer 7/10
2nd Harry Twist & Steve Fiddler 5/10

Lovely day for shooting, not much wind, no sun in our eyes, not too cold, just a little light refreshing rain😁😁. Thanks to all the brave souls who made the effort and turned out, let’s just hope its better next Sunday for our Christmas 🎄 shoot!

Apologies to Bob Singleton Snr as I forgot to include him in the ABT honours last week with his great 22/25, sorry Bob!!

Hope to see you all next week for the Christmas Shoot! Regards Max

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