Sunday 16/09/18 Results

Sporting and “Bag Pipe Bob” memorial trophy winner 2018 – Drew Wilson 27/30

Summer Series Trap winners

1st – Danny Woods – 111 / 120
2nd – Dave Waddington – 105/120
3rd – Dudley Coward – 98/120
4th – Mick Nowell – 97/120
5th – Bob Singleton Snr. – 92/120.

Rubbish Weather AGAIN, but still a great turnout all things considered. Well done to Drew on winning the Bagpipe Bob Trophy, especially as his Sporting form has been a bit er, “patchy” (read crap) of late!!

Danny (no jacket required, even in a torrential downpour) shooting very well in the trap taking high gun on the day as well as the series to finish in style.

Here’s to a dry one next week!!

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