Sunday 28/1/24 Results

80 Sporting

1st Phil Taylor 71
2nd Ian Clarke & Brian Drittler 66
3rd Alistair Lord 65

Ladies – Holly Coxhead 48

Long Bird stand – Phil Taylor 6/10, Gordon Pearson and Steve Byrne Jnr 3/10

ABT – Barry Fishwick 18/25

DTL – Bob Singleton Snr 72/75

Not a bad day but a deceptively strong wind wobbling the clays around a bit and making things tricky. Great shooting by Phil Taylor to win the Sporting and also the long bird stand. Also a brilliant 72/75 by Bob Singleton on the DTL.
I have to apologise for problems we are experiencing with our current batch of rabbit clays. They seem to be very week and many have shrinkage cracks in from the manufacturing process. We try our best to get rid of the cracked ones but some are just week. This is the second pallet as the first was even worse. We are nearly through them now and hopefully the new ones will be up to the standard expected.

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