Sunday 29/10/23 Results

80 Sporting

1st Phil Taylor 76
2nd Steve Byrne Jnr 71
3rd Lavinia Gilston 69

Ladies- Lavinia Gilston 69

ABT – Barry Fishwick 23/25
DTL – Steve Fiddler 71/75.

Another lovely sunny Sunday, especially later on. Absolutely fantastic score by Phil Taylor putting him well clear of the pack. Also great score by Lavinia to take top lady and 3rd overall! Solid 23 from Baz on ABT too, who slso shot well on sporting after adjusting the cheek piece on his gun for the gazillionth time 😁😁.
Time to chuck your Allen keys away now Baz!
Hope everyone enjoyed the shoot, see you all again next week for a different layout as always.

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