Sunday 3/12/23 Results

80 Sporting
1st Rudi Coxhead 73
2nd Mark Houlding 72
3rd Steve Newhouse 71

ABT – Jason Foster 22/25
DTL – Steve Fiddler 69/75

Long bird Stand
1st Rudi Coxhead 9/10
2nd Will Marsh 7/10

Good day for it, not much wind and no rain. Very close on Sporting but Rudi just pipping it in the end. Rudi also posting a great score on the long bird challenge though the jury’s out on how many ounces of lead were hurled at them!😁😁

Sorry we had to postpone our Christmas shoot today, we will be holding it on Sunday 17/12/23. Loads of prizes on Sporting, ABT, DTL & also our annual side by side competition.

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