Sunday 5th November Results

80 Sporting
1st Paul Coxhead 70
2nd Rudi Coxhead 69
3rd Phil Rimmer 67

Ladies – Jane Dawes 47

ABT – Max Jnr 20/25
DTL – Rob Harvey 61/75

Another pleasant morning, we have been lucky of late haven’t we? Unfortunately something unfathomable has happened though, PC has ruddy won the Sporting!!🤯🤯. I promise that there will be a full investigation carried out on how this travesty could of happened! In the mean time all I can suggest is that we avoid him at all costs as he will be insufferable! Oh err, yes erm, well shot Paul, especially as it was with a side by side 😀 Was a tough one this week, will try and make it easier next time! Hope to see you then!!

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