Sunday 9/4/23 Results

80 Sporting
1st Rudi Coxhead 71
2nd Brian Drittler 70
3rd Paul Coxhead/Matt Latham/Rob Collins 69

Ladies – Lavinia Gilston 60

ABT – Mick Nowell, Ollie Collins & Callum Sherrington 21/25

DTL – Barry Fishwick 54/75.

Lovely day but again a very strong wind making some clays slower and easier and some much harder!😁

Unfortunately, towards the end of the shoot we heard of some really sad news. Our friend and long time supporter of our shoot, George Sutton had sadly passed away. George was consistently one of the best shots to attend our shoot and was looking forward to getting his hip fixed so he could once again shoot pain free and no doubt return to top form. George was simply one of my favourite people and he will be sadly missed by all of us at Dolphin Clay Target Centre. Our thoughts are with his family at this time. Rest in peace George.

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